Organizations have been expanding their reach to customers with the advent of cloud computing. With distributed computing, it is critical for organizations to ensure their data is safe. With IJS Next Generation Cloud Compute (NGCC), our serverless architecture enables organizations to run their javascript code on workers engineered to completely isolate your process and data.

  • Proven Security - Next Generation Cloud Compute is based on the well tested and robust Google Chrome Javascript engine: V8 Isolates.

  • Eliminate Cold Starts - The runtime starts once and can load V8 Isolates with no overhead. Your code starts running immediately on the V8 Isolates - no more cold starts!
  • Unleash Full CPU Power - All of the code runs on a single process and manages its own memory access, eliminating context switches used in traditional multi-process operating systems. No CPU power will be wasted on context switching, providing the code access to full processing power. 
  • Reduced Memory Footprint - The runtime is shared by all the V8 Isolates running each piece of code. This reduces the memory footprint required compared to container based systems with a runtime within each container to execute the code - leading to cost savings for metered cloud resources.

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