IJS Secure Compute is a DApp runtime protocol that enables decentralized processing of transactions with smart contracts and multi-chain interaction. Anyone can build and publish open APIs in an open format called SCCode, making smart contract interaction secure and easy.
Why You Need It?
Easily query and transact against smart contracts from various chains.
Hosted in a trustless decentralised manner.
Faster to build DApp.
Authenticity of DApp to address ‘fake’ site concerns.
Secure Compute Framework
Where Can It Be Used?
Multi-chain Data Visibility
Can be leveraged for any project that wishes to make their project’s blockchain data available to 3rd parties via a standardized SCcode format such that SCRunners can index and host the data to be available through standard APIs.
Blockchain Project SDK Endpoint
Serve as an ideal SDK endpoint for a project by writing API logic in the format of SCcode.
Decentralized Hosting
Possible for projects to have the entire DApp hosted on the IJS Secure Compute MainNet, including all aspects of UI/UX code.
Start Your New Journey in DApp Development
Stay Tuned ! Coming Soon.