About Us

IJS Technologies is a blockchain software company innovating on secure development approaches that pave the path towards an age of 'crypto-commerce'.

Our Vision
To power the next generation of blockchain solutions.
Our Mission
To make the digital asset and blockchain ecosystem a safer place for everyone.
Our Story
After years of working with leading multinational companies and consultancies, our co-founders foresaw a future where blockchain technologies and digital assets would transform industry and commerce. Simultaneously, it was recognized that many technical challenges needed to first be overcome before such a future would come to fruition. This led to the formation of IJS Technologies in 2017.

The team started off delivering solutions for various blockchain and fintech projects. After seeing first hand some of the problems faced in the blockchain space, IJS has since focused on developing new DeFi 2.0 protocols and frameworks with the aim of helping power a new generation of blockchain solutions.