DeFi is a set of blockchain-powered solutions that enable the conducting of financial related activities without relying on centralized intermediaries. IJS is focused on innovating on a next generation of DeFi protocols and frameworks to further move DeFi to the mainstream.
Liquidity Queue Framework
The Liquidity Queue Framework offers purpose-driven on-chain swapping experiences that complement existing liquidity queues. Various DeFi solutions are possible through the usage of Queues.
Open Interchain Protocol
Open Interchain Protocol offers an efficient approach to cross-chain asset swapping through the usage of Liquidity Queues, single asset bridges and a decentralized bridging mechanism.
Decentralised Buyback Protocol
On-chain token buybacks can be offered in a transparent and decentralized manner through the usage of the Decentralized Buyback Protocol.
At IJS, DeFi DApps and solutions are created faster and with fewer resources than with any other approach.
Implemented by OpenSwap Community
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