DeFi 2+ Protocols addressing On-Chain Liquidity Challenges
Liquidity Queues Framework
A novel and efficient approach to on-chain liquidity that complement and enhance the DeFi and DEX ecosystem.
Open Interchain Protocol
A more efficient inter-blockchain swapping of chain-native digital assets through the usage of single-asset vaults and decentralised mechanisms.
Decentralised Buyback Protocol
On-chain token buybacks can be offered in a transparent and decentralised manner through the usage of the Decentralised Buyback Protocol.
IJS Secure Compute
IJS Secure Compute is a DApp runtime protocol that enables decentralized processing of transactions with smart contracts and multi-chain interaction.

Secure Compute enables anyone to build and publish an SDK or a fully functioning DApp through a decentralized network of run-time hosts called SCRunners.

By adhering to an open format called SCcode, smart contract interaction can be made easy and secure.
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