IJS HR is a flexible staff management system that allows you to securely and efficiently keep track of personnel records and reduce manual processes by enabling staff to self-book leave requests, expense reimbursements and conduct self performance evaluations.   IJS HR also offers an automated attendance tracking system.   IJS HR is often coupled with IJS eLearning  to provide a comprehensive staff management and eLearning platform for HR departments.
  • Equipped with new technology, attendance recording is restricted in IP address. Staff can punch IN/OUT in workplace only through mobile/desktop. No extra hardware is further required.
Leave Management
  • "One-button" leave application on mobile/desktop. Supervisor can approve anywhere/anytime. Support multi-level approval.
Roaster Planning
  • Flexible and ease-to use roster planning module for all industry from office, shop to restaurants, construction.
Employee Management
  • Keep all data and document in same workplace and reduces the workload of HR
Standard features

All IJS solutions come with the following industry-leading features

  • Data Security

    With AES 256 encryption and 2FA authentication, personal data is high secured in system.

  • 100% Cloud

    Zero effort on installing any software of hardware for 100% cloud solution. Access anywhere with permission.

  • Flexible Reporting

    Generate and customize sophisticated reports across multiple tables with ease to get the insight you need.

  • Integrated with Office (Optional)

    System calendar can sync with MS Office Calendar and team management is easier.

  • Multi-language

    Available in English and Chinese with additional languages easily added

  • Instant Messenger

    Pre-set instant messenger and facilitates the communication between HR and staff.

  • User Management

    Add new users to your account easily and manage access permissions.

  • Customer Services

    Professional technical advisors are only a phone call away and dedicated to provide rapid solutions.

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