IJS MSO is a one-stop cloud based solution that is specially designed to facilitate Money Service Operators to manage their currency exchange and remittance services while adhering to Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-money laundering (AML) requirements. 

Key features
  • Money Exchange & Remittance

    Stay in control of your money exchange and remittance transactions

  • Integrated KYC Checks

    Real-time checks on world terrorist and blacklists.  Record and report suspicious transactions.

  • Average Costing or Mid-Rate Costing

    Keep track of your profitability with average costing or Mid-Rate costing

  • Referral Management

    Keep track of your referrals and payments

Standard features

All IJS solutions come with the following industry-leading features

  • Data Security

    With sensitive data encrypted, SSL, 2 Factor authentication and restricted IP access, we have your security needs covered.

  • Flexible Reporting

    Generate and customize sophisticated reports across multiple tables with ease to get the insight you need.

  • Customization Flexibility

    Our IJS Development acceleration platform underpins every IJS solution ensuring unparalleled customization flexibility.

  • Granular User Management

    Add new users to your account easily and manage access permissions.

  • Multi-language

    Available in English and Chinese with additional languages easily added

  • Dedicated Customer Service Team

    Our team of technical advisors are only a phone call away and are dedicated to providing rapid solutions.

  • 100% Cloud

    No need to install any software as every part of the solution and platform is cloud-based.

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