IJS Loans Management is a cloud based solution designed to support lenders and loan operators throughout the life cycle each loan within their loan portfolio. Loan organizations can gain insights on loan clients and develop the right loan solution for each client to minimize delinquency rates and maximize profits.

Key Features
  • Customer onboarding

    Easy-to-use interface allows you to provide a smooth onboarding experience for your staff and clients.

    Keep track of your clients throughout the onboarding process to produce the right loan solution and increase your client base.

  • Payment Scheduling

    Configurable loan schedules enable you to provide the right solution for your clients and ensure APR compliance are met throughout the term of the loan

  • Customer Information Management

    Efficiently and securely manage customer information.

Standard features

All IJS solutions come with the following industry-leading features

  • Data Security

    With sensitive data encrypted, SSL, 2 Factor authentication and restricted IP access, we have your security needs covered.

  • Flexible Reporting

    Generate and customize sophisticated reports across multiple tables with ease to get the insight you need.

  • Customization Flexibility

    Our IJS Development acceleration platform underpins every IJS solution ensuring unparalleled customization flexibility.

  • Granular User Management

    Add new users to your account easily and manage access permissions.

  • Dedicated Customer Service Team

    Our team of technical advisors are only a phone call away and are dedicated to providing rapid solutions.

  • Multi-language

    Available in English and Chinese with additional languages easily added

  • 100% Cloud

    No need to install any software as every part of the solution and platform is cloud-based.

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