Stablecoins are digital tokens that reside on blockchains using the same technology as cryptocurrencies.  They differ from traditional cryptocurrencies because they are designed to have a stable value against a target asset.  This is typically achieved by transparently backing or collateralizing the token with assets.

IJS offers a complete Stablecoin-as-a-Service platform that enable the creation of complete stablecoin ecosystems.  This includes tools to manage the creation and destruction of tokens, record keeping of collateral, gateways to accept tokens, token wallets and other technical utilities that are required to support a stablecoin.  Our platform is able to support both Centralized and Decentralized stablecoin initiatives.

Key Features
  • Peg to any Asset

    Create and peg stablecoins to any asset

  • Multi-blockchain compatible

    Custom stablecoins on leading blockchain platforms

  • Transparent Collateralization

    Collateral management tools to ensure stablecoins stay well collateralized and transparent

  • Crosschain Pegging

    Crosschain Crypto assets pegged using IJS Secure Nodes

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